Bleeding Beach Quartet


I don’t quite know how deliberate it was, but these German gentlemen came up with a bloody fine abbreviation of BBQ. Their forte is a mixed assault of stoner sensibilities and a somewhere between hard rock and metal execution, which leads to some interesting results. In just four songs, the self-titled EP delivers on the potential of the many different directions Bleeding Beach Quartet can explore in their hopefully extensive lifespan. The Code, a touch of the blues with a buzzsaw of guitar, exhibiting the dynamics of the vocals capable. Light, a slow, stalking menace taking cues from doom, that pounces like a overpowering predator  in the chorus. End, almost thrash-like in nature, but with an infusion of 70’s prog if it were played by metalcore kids. And Harvest, deep grooves a la Kyuss, with a killer hook of a chorus that bellows skyward at all challengers forthcoming, and a screaming guitar solo to boot. An absolutely stellar four piece worthy of your attention that seemingly have plenty of bases covered musically.

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