While Rob Swire ponders over whether a new Pendulum release is worth his time, there still in some respects remains a massive void to fill in the dance crossover kingdom. Manumit, a multi-talented producer and instrumentalist from Bridgend, is among a trickling of such acts into a bigger pond, but one that has the kind of passion and melodic structural integrity that rekindles the same thoughts and feelings of the aforementioned drum ‘n’ bass rock juggernaut. Taken from last year’s debut album Digital & Hostile, fourth track Everything Changes is a melancholy-tinged belter, filled with infectious synth lines, ever-present guitar, a very strong vocal performance, expertly tuned drums and delicate tones of piano for emotional impact. This is the craft on a man on a mission, and while he is currently in the process of a sophomore long-player, the talent already on display is enough to suggest that the emergence to the surface of that pond, is already well under way.

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