DJ Fresh vs. Diplo – Earthquake

(Track of the Week, 2 weeks ago)

This is possibly the most mainstream track I’ve probably posted thus far, but it was a slow week that week. That said, it does not discredit how good this song actually is. With the so-far unknown Dominique Young Unique spitting over a Godzilla-inspired soundtrack and tribal beats before following into a slow dancehall-destroying bombshell, most likely as a result of Diplo’s recent touring stint as one half of Major Lazer. The only way this can truly be appreciated is with an awesome sub-woofer as the bass is staggering, but in combination with the electro flourishes here and there and the emergence of trap and moombahton as cultural phenomenons, the meeting in the middle of all of these EDM fusions has made this one of this year’s sleeper club hits. Well, as far as mainstream radio goes anyway. Ridiculously enjoyable, not to mention my twerking jam of choice.