Celldweller – Uncrowned

(For two weeks ago)

I’m a massive Celldweller fan and upon the re-release of the 10th anniversary of his debut and hearing that there would be new tracks, I was originally not that interested, but then I heard this and I hope Klayton is now kicking himself for not releasing this ten years ago (it probably wouldn’t be the same song at all, but it is excellent regardless). What he foolishly didn’t finish is his original industrial metal-tinged trademark applied to some dark drum ‘n’ bass that hits hard in the right places, with some beautiful electro sparks. The chorus is as infectious as everything he has ever written will be and although I doubt this would’ve been the same song in 2003, the production is as meticulate as come to expect from a perfectionist. For me, this is the nostalgia of listening to the album for the first time (3-4 years ago), but reinstated for 2013 as something smoother, refined but ultimately still beautiful. Will be blitzed for the forseeable future, I’m in love all over again.

Dead Empires – Crystal Cages

(For last week)

I finally got back into my full swing of searching for bands and artists to listen to again, and hopefully may be providing a few more lesser known artists than what I have been posting of late. I just thought it would be nice to share what I’ve been listening to hence being the whole point of this blog. Anyway, I came across this band recently and on the basis of this track alone, needed more. New York’s Dead Empires are an instrumental sludge/stoner rock goliath and this track showcases mostly what they’re all about. In six minutes, you have a barrage of concrete mammoth heavy riffs, frenetic drum attacks, dreamy landscapes, soft fuzz tugs and solos that cut through mountains all shifting pace and intensity at the speed of a rocket propelled grenade bathed in nitroglycerine and fuelled by cheetahs. An incredibly well-imagined and concentrated assault, my earholes have skewered with flamingoes with machetes for beaks.