This Cold


Whilst the way I found out about this band is not a prime discovery tool of mine, it’s still an effective way to get noticed. On my trip to Wroclaw, Poland in January at the start of this year, I bought back a wealth of experiences with me, but one of my favourites was the note of This Cold, a sticker placed in The Liverpool, a local rock club in the city centre. My soundtrack at that time was very 80’s electronica/new-wave based as it was, so to have a band from their native land practicing the same sensibilities, just reinforced that vibe of the location even more. Liquid from the A Deeper Grey EP, is a shadowy, chill-induced track that would fit right in the goth movement. Siren-esque vocals, guitars that whine and a bassline that builds up constant unease and tension: it’s practically been unearthed and sprang back to life from a decades old slumber, and therein lies the beauty of what this band are capable of. Post-punk, or goth for that matter, isn’t dead, it’s just dwells in the places you least expect to find it.