Dead Empires – Crystal Cages

(For last week)

I finally got back into my full swing of searching for bands and artists to listen to again, and hopefully may be providing a few more lesser known artists than what I have been posting of late. I just thought it would be nice to share what I’ve been listening to hence being the whole point of this blog. Anyway, I came across this band recently and on the basis of this track alone, needed more. New York’s Dead Empires are an instrumental sludge/stoner rock goliath and this track showcases mostly what they’re all about. In six minutes, you have a barrage of concrete mammoth heavy riffs, frenetic drum attacks, dreamy landscapes, soft fuzz tugs and solos that cut through mountains all shifting pace and intensity at the speed of a rocket propelled grenade bathed in nitroglycerine and fuelled by cheetahs. An incredibly well-imagined and concentrated assault, my earholes have skewered with flamingoes with machetes for beaks.

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