Depeche Mode – Black Celebration

This week’s pick stems a lot from my love of the 80s and the gig I went to on Tuesday was one of the biggest bands from the era, our own Depeche Mode. Despite only knowing about 6 songs of the entire set, Black Celebration was one of the highlights for me of the whole set. If you could cram any more unsettling, menancing vibes into five minutes, you could have a successful short horror film.  It’s not terrifying, but it will certainly chill your spinal column to no end. The keyboards are erratic and icy in their execution, vocals echo for eternity, haunted bells chime in the empty wilderness and drums keep procedings at an incredibly tense pace, all these elements add up for a unforgettable listening experience that pays tribute to the massive alternative crowd they are still adored by to this day. After Tuesday, I have a new found respect for Depeche Mode in the sheer diversity of their material and Black Celebration is one of the most uneasy but deliciously dark songs I have heard this side of the 80s.

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