The Devil

If you’re a fan of metal, then there’s a very good chance you’re aware of Metallica’s S&M album, a live album of their recorded material, performed with the aid of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. It should be held in higher regard for how evocative and incredible an impact it has for a live album and although not live, London’s The Devil, a group shrouded in mystery, strike upon a similar chord with their self-titled album, though with James Hetfield’s grizzled cries, traded for media audio samples. The clarity of these samples being taken from significant events in recent history such as the moon landings, 9/11 and JFK’s assassination, in the context of a stirring symphonic display and with a simple yet effective heavy metal arrangement underneath it, is surprisingly unnerving, almost intimidating in some respects. Illuminati is led in by melancholic piano, hard-hitting power chords and excerpts from Bush Sr.’s New World Order speech from 1991. Whilst this album was clearly forged for the purpose of soundtracks and scores, as a cultural artefact on its own two feet, it makes for a very endearing listen.

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