Another of those fine occasions were taking a chance on a creative, interesting band name pays off, this Belgian quartet blur the boundaries between stoner rock, sludge metal and hardcore so smoothly, you could market it as the next model of Gillette. Although that razor comparison is no joke. There is a sizeable sharpness and danger that Grizzlyncher pack, whether it’s between bulldozing hardcore pace, sunshine-soaked riff exhibitions, hazy ambience, meatier-than-a-butcher’s-shop guitar tones and dense breakdowns, this mighty jigsaw is well worth investing your time and effort into, and the final pay-off is as satisfying. Umbrellas Are For Lovers encapsulates all of these elements into a five minute tour-de-force, showcasing the absolute best that their self-titled album has to offer, and as a premonition for what their sophomore long-player O’Cetacean has in store for the uninitiated.

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