Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster

This is a bit of a special post. Reason being this is the 100th blog post I have done in two years of trying (and in some ways failing) to maintain a blog, and because this band holds a special place in my heart for a slightly, but not so bizarre reason. You see, if you ask me what my favourite album ever is, I will say Mer De Noms by A Perfect Circle. But if you ask me what the best album I’ve ever listened to is, I will say Exegesis by Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster. I wrote a comprehensive guide to that album some years ago now, have had the pleasure of seeing them live twice, the first of those times booking them for a live gig at university and for my money, are one of the best bands in the UK right now.

What you are getting is a stunning kaleidoscopic sonic representation of the universe and life as we know it, through a series of seminal, unnervingly beautiful, atmospheric instrumental masterpieces, akin with the same intricacy shown by trailblazers Tool and Pelican. Their devotion to their craft and unquestionable talent words can do little to summarise. Their music is nothing short of phenomenal. Also, one of my favourite moments of theirs is after sound techs said, ‘Do you have any two minute songs?’ their response was, ‘We have a six minute one.’ Maybe that’s only funny to post-rock/metal fans… I don’t know. To save my myself any further embarrassment of trying to describe them, here are three of my favourite choice cuts and you can draw your own conclusions. Music has never sounded so faultless.

One thought on “Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster

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