Sexy Sushi


This group maintains as one of the biggest surprises in my entire life. Drawn to their undoubtedly unusual name, I went in with absolutely no expectations and left astounded. Sexy Sushi are a French electroclash outfit, similar in the same vein to Crystal Castles, only more French, more demented and certifiably more fun. Whilst the chiptune influences are absent here, warm analogue synths replace it and a storm of bouncy beats emanate from their incredibly energetic output. Sexy Ghetto is among the most energetic, yet most abrasive of their recorded material. Like being punched in the head by a kangaroo on speed, the beat is deadly powerful and all throughout, distorted profanity is bellowed and screamed at you. I refer to it as energy music. Ultimately a divisive listen, Cheval from this album Marre Marre Marre is a far friendlier listen, but in terms of pure unadulterated anarchy and aggression, Sexy Sushi kick many to the curb with a massive smile on their face.

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