Tidal Arms


Brooklyn’s Tidal Arms weave together a tapestry of modern indie rock sensibilities, sludge in a contemplative mood and grounded psych that mesmerises and smashes you hard in the face in equal measure. The amount of force conjured up from the depths strikes like whales overturning boats at sea, somewhat spectacular to bear witness to. Their sophomore and self-titled studio effort is a surprisingly versatile array of intelligent, shape-shifting scenes filled with joyous melodies and a ferocity some bands take for granted. Jelloshotgun is my personal favourite example, demonstrating their mellower side with a gorgeous tapping harmony over disjointed time signatures, ¬†descending into bombastic blasts of fuzz-saturated noise. It nicely illustrates this album cover too: a wonderous phenomena that you just can’t shake the air of foreboding from. Too good to ignore.

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