Baltic Fleet


Indie is in a funny old state of affairs at the moment. The whole conversation about it having a complete identity crisis and the umpteenth band or artist I’ve never heard of, but is suddenly the best thing since wiping your ass with toilet paper according to Pitchfork, is a pre-meditated rant for perhaps another occasion, but I think we can all agree that the word simply means nothing any more. It is as such that I can call the wonderful organic, resonant electronica landscapes of Baltic Fleet indie if I wanted to. Hard to believe that this is all the brainchild of one individual from Liverpool, it sounds like a band scoring cinematic, black and white montages, but making it captivating and emotive in a humanistic manner. It sounds cold like you wouldn’t believe, and there are some moods that are truly chilling, Headless Heroes of The Acropolis being one such example that could make your hairs not so much stand on end, but stay petrified in place. It almost defies believe that Baltic Fleet sounds so alive, even when so much is programmed. Paul Baltic is an incredibly talented man and deserves far more recognition than he’s given credit for. Icy tundras have never looked so inviting.

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