Somali Yacht Club


Whilst I hope primary source inspiration comes from the well-noted notorious efforts of the pirates of the titular nation, their music contains more an air of mysticism, than of gung-ho, ragtag buccaneers. Hailing from Ukraine which may disappoint some of you, Somali Yacht Club craft sprawling journeys of ambient, doom-tinged psychedelic distortion, backed by a set of vocals that echoes across oceans. While their debut album The Sun only consists of five songs, none of which falling below the seven minute mark, their reputation as formidable musicians and curators of a captivating live performance has already won them fans from all over the globe. Lead track Loom charts a course with a rock-solid riff foundation, introduced by a swirling mist of guitar phasing, showcased by wailing solos and commanded by daring battle cries to any onlookers and spectators. Alestorm may have the pirate lifestyle down to a tee in their music, but it’s bands like Somali Yacht Club that bring the high seas to life through their stirring musicianship.

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