Download – Blotch

(For two weeks ago)

Seeming it was way too long ago and I don’t even think I can remember the track I picked for that week if indeed I picked one, I listened to this awesome glitch-infused dance number around that time so I’m making it my track of that week. Made by industrial royalty as an ex-member of Skinny Puppy, the instruments of Download’s predecessor have been completely stripped out for all electronic and synthetic engineering which is fine by me. But what is captured in the 5 minutes or so is a shining and entrancing ambience, rattled by the jitters of the track but still emits the radiance of a true dance classic. Nothing changes up too much, but it doesn’t need to. The beats pulse hard enough to get lost in and despite a few Aphex Twin-esque flourishes here and there, the track is a master class on the alternative side of dance music and its use to lure a dancefloor into ecstasy.

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