They Dead – Hobby World

(For last week)

I went back on the stoner/psych bender again and pretty much went mad with unearthing bands I’d never heard of and one of the best examples is this cruelly short but unbelievable nugget of fuzz. Minneapolis’ They Dead have distilled the torment of wandering lost in the desert into a series of powerful guitar moans, intoxicating vocals and thunderous drums. At its length, it’s hard to pinpoint the best parts as its individual elements are all excellently formed, polished and whipped into the air by a furious sandstorm but that makes it all the more astonishing. No wasted time, just you and the barely two minutes of a trip into an oasis of which you may never find your way out of again. Simply incredible stuff.

(YouTube video sizes are really annoying at times so it’s not really my fault if the sizes are a bit inconsistent.)

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