Dirtyphonics – Walk In The Fire

(For three weeks ago)

Funnily enough, I heard this in a compilation referred to as a metal dubstep mix, I’d refute that this is more firmly in the drum ‘n’ bass camp, which is why I fell in love with it. Soon to become a part of my expansive DJ material, the guitar at the beginning is enough to trick any hardened metalhead into coming onto the dancefloor with its immediate guitar hook. The guitar continues to tear effortlessly through the track until the drums start to build up and that’s when the excellent crossover appeal comes into play. With the decidedly metal scream of ‘WALK IN THE FIRE!’ a visceral and bestial bass smashes into your ears and will try to take half the club with it. There’s even a period of half time action in which bouncing is highly encouraged and of course has a truly metal style breakdown towards the end. Awesome crossover appeal, this should really be picked up by more metal clubs.

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