30 Hotly Anticipated Releases Still To Come In 2016 You Should Get Excited About

2016, probably not just in my own personal opinion, has been a fantastic year for music releases so far depending on how far you’re willing to commit yourself to the kaleidoscopic universe out there. To name but a few of my favourites would include The Qemists, Youth Code, Autopsy Boys, All Hail The Yeti, Mask of Bees, Lowflyinghawks, Amplifighters and Weekend Nachos, and at this point, some music media outlets would like to take the chance to reflect on what has already come before and sum things up in a handy little list for you. The Soundshark isn’t some music media outlets. What The Soundshark has done has compiled a list of 30 forthcoming releases in 2016, of varying genres, and from mass appeal down to the underground to better illustrate why 2016 will remembered as a truly incredible year of music. There could be your new favourite band waiting here or an album announcement by that band you like you may have missed, who knows?

Let’s begin shall we?

Infant Annihilator – The Elysian Grandeval Galèriarch – Out: 29th July


Likely to be the most polarising release on this list but also the most immediate, Black Tongue’s more mischievous half channel their awe-inspiring technical metal energies into their second inhumane deathcore abomination. With a new vocalist in tow, their quest to reach new extremes in depravity and barbarism is certainly over-the-top, even chilling at times, but still limits itself just enough to keep tongues super-glued in cheek and certainly has become one of the greatest aspects of their appeal. While the leading name in ‘eggmetal,’ their boundary-stretching musical abilities more than justify poking fun at the testosterone-swamped, straight-faced metal scene they parody. Only they eviscerate the vast majority of competition too.

Pre-order here: http://www.indiemerch.com/infantannihilator/pre-orders


The Upbeats – De-Evolution Part II – Out: 5th August


There is little left to be said about New Zealand’s drum and bass titans The Upbeats. Through ceaseless dedication and masterful sound production, they’ve rightfully ascended to the upper echelon of not only the best in drum and bass, but as two of the strongest electronic music producers around today. Drum and bass serves as their major calling card yet they’ve explored into the foray of hip-hop, dubstep and ambient soundscapes often, and you can guarantee those creations will influence the remaining parts of the De-Evolution series. With unique, evocative and dimension-shifting basslines, new music from The Upbeats excites like no other, and with Part II out in a few weeks and the final part still to come, 2016 is its fever pitch.

Pre-order here: https://store.visionrecordings.nl/


Servers – Everything Is OK – Out: 19th August


South Yorkshire’s favourite progressive rock doomsayers have been teasing the follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut Leave With Us since this time last year and its release is almost upon us. Continuing on with their cult visage and using their past music and loyal fanbase as an introduction to this darker sophomore effort, is an original move for sure. But when you take that with Servers’ craftmanship for unforgettable riffs, melodies and hooks, that offer to leave with them sounds ever more appealing. A hard rock masterclass unlike none other in the UK right now, Servers have seen the future, and they deserve to be the figurehead of a rock revolution.

Pre-order here.


Knives Out! – Left In The Lurch – Out: August 19th


Anyone who has delved through the depths of the alternative underground has no doubt come across Todd Smith and his numerous esoteric pursuits, but the union of himself, members of Dog Fashion Disco, Nothingface and Hellyeah is by far the most intense and vitriolic committed to record. The Baltimore quintet perform a bludgeoning metal beatdown, tearing popular culture, religion and society to shreds in a near-murderous frenzy but still retaining the trademark vocal dexterity that only Smith can provide. Their second studio album amplifies the stakes, the instrumentation, the fury, the venom… everything that brings out the best in Knives Out!’s bloodthirsty musical ventures. Ignore them at your own peril.

Pre-order here: http://www.indiemerch.com/razortowrist/pre-orders


High Rise – Left It For Everything EP – Out: 16th September


London’s High Rise are perhaps one of the best up-and-coming melodic hardcore outfits around right now. Their previous Tides Will Take You EP introduced us to a world of impeccable metallic riffs, powerfully passionate vocals and breakdowns to threaten the foundations of buildings, and with their tireless commitment to taking their incredible chemistry on the road, you can’t fault their work ethic in the slightest. Left It For Everything shows a significant step up onto the UK’s expansive hardcore stage after two years of honing their craft live, and whatever bruising anthems High Rise have in store, you just know it’ll sound spectacular on record and in the mosh pit.

Pre-order here: https://highriseukofficial.bandcamp.com/


Noisia – Outer Edges – Out: 16th September


While the label of Outer Edges had been teased for a while, the almost nonchalant announcement of it amounting to a new Noisia album promptly set the neurofunk community into overdrive, and thus the countdown to one of drum and bass’ most anticipated ever releases begins. The fearsome Dutch threesome have already hinted that the album will be incredibly experimental in nature but no matter how far they stray away from their signature dark, emotive, visceral basslines, the production values will be out of this world and spawn more of the most astounding electronic music on the planet. Every Noisia release is a monument, and Outer Edges will be no different.

Pre-order here: https://store.visionrecordings.nl/

*Due to a pre-emptive leak of the album, Outer Edges is available everywhere now.


An Endless Sporadic – Magic Machine – Out: 16th September


The long-awaited follow-up to the self-titled debut smash from the astounding international neo-progressive supergroup, after a gestation period spanning numerous years will see its release come September. Though the brainchild of extraordinarily talented multi-instrumentalist Zach Kamins, the personnel involved in bringing Magic Machine to life is star-studded including Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings) and Navene K (Animals as Leaders) among others. Whether blasting through ambient jazz rock chaos or a storied journey through luscious keyboard atmospheres, An Endless Sporadic are as diverse in their musical abilities and vision as they are bringing them to surface. It takes machines to make their music, but you cannot devalue that its content will be anything less than magic.


Truckfighters – V – Out: 30th September


Fifteen years into their history and these three Swedish stoner titans show no signs of slowing down as they focus their trademark inexhaustible energy supply into a fifth album, soon to be followed by yet another extensive world tour. Truckfighters excel in bringing an absolute fuzzload of memorable riffs, deep, often lengthy bluesy jams and as many hooks as you can catch an ocean with, and you can expect no less from them on their fifth studio effort, in co-partnership with Century Media Records. Their reputation has been built on their charismatic live performances, relentless touring and being genuinely wonderful gentlemen, and with a new batch of no doubt rip-roaring songs to road test, they’ll stack the deck against anyone willing to challenge them as ‘the best band in the world.’

Truckfighters fan and seen them live? Then you NEED to click this link: http://truckfighters.centurymedia.com/


Rave The Reqviem – The Gospel Of Nil – Out: 7th October


Picking up exactly where their debut left off, Sweden’s hard-slamming five piece fuse their galvanising electronic music production with a kick-ass live metal performance, co-fronted by a true siren of a female voice and inspired by centuries of religious iconography. Their hybrid style incorporating elements of drum and bass, EDM, dubstep and more, was received emphatically by the global industrial fanbase and the Swedes look set to whip up a frenzy once more. With featured collaborations from Seraphim System, fellow electronic composer Alexei Zakharov and Hordes of the Apocalypse’s Thomas Nyholm, you can also expect greater sonic diversity from the Gospel of Nil, which in a band already so finely tuned with experimentation, the result will be nothing short of rapturous.

Pre-order here: http://dwa.store/album/the-gospel-of-nil


Mr.Kitty – A.I. – Out: October 2016


Synthpop is often thought of as being a jovial exercise, that is until producers like Forrest Avery a.k.a. Mr.Kitty started making it with ouija boards instead of piano keys. Transforming human emotion into icy plateaus of the soul, in the form of short pop songs, seems like an art Mr.Kitty has mastered as year upon year, a new document of his life materialises into being and is illustrated with timeless melodies, unforgettable hooks and a cold, haunting but endlessly satisfying atmosphere, not dissimilar from the clarion calls of 80s electronica. No matter how lo-fi or all-consuming his music becomes, Mr.Kitty is an artist’s artist and will soon gain the recognition as one of the best electronic music producers around today.


Losers – How To Ruin Other People’s Futures – Expected: Autumn 2016


A supergroup of sorts, specialising in a potent blend of rock and electronica that soothes as well as obliterates and lauded by luminaries of the genre new and old, have grown a rabid cult following over their existence and look to explode back onto the sonic charter. A relocation from London to Berlin and immense dissatisfaction has fuelled what is to be Losers’ most intense and personal album to date, while still distancing what previous ground they’ve tread before. Their past material shows occasional dance sensibilities, swirling cinematic ambience and industrial tropes, while recent teasers suggest a far darker, fuller more concise sensory experience from whatever is in store for us. Don’t be fooled by the namesake, their formula is a winner in many’s hearts.

Pre-order here: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/losersnewalbum


3TEETH – <shutdown.exe> – Out: Autumn 2016


Since graciously accepting the role as Tool’s 2016 house band, 3TEETH have become a name rarely leaving people’s lips and for all the right reasons. Their back-to-basics approach to industrial metal has been refreshing and has arguably reinvigorated a scene falling by the wayside, by amplifying the disdain for modern political and media constructs and dragging that soundtrack back down to rhythms so heavy and dark it’d make your nose bleed. The swashes of dystopia are vivid and very alive in 3TEETH’s world and whatever rallying calls <shutdown.exe> brings, you can assume it will only confirm their status as the best industrial band of the decade.


Abbe May – Bitchcraft – Expected: Autumn 2016


Among the pioneering femme fatales of recent music history, none quite have the grace, unwaivable attitude and god damn cheek that Australian bombshell Abbe May has in her musical palette. Bitchcraft has been in development since last year, but it’s only in the last month or so that music from the much fabled third release has come into being. Never afraid to branch out or explore the hidden depths of her sounds, she’s as much a rock star as she is an alchemist and that keeps her followers guessing what’s to come from her artistic endeavours. Whether blues, folk, electro, funk, rock or anything else she throws into the potpourri, the end result shall once again mesmerise its listeners.

*Since this article has been published, I have been informed that Bitchcraft will be released in 2017. At least I got the other 29 right, huh?


Does It Offend You, Yeah? – We Do Our Own Stunts – Expected: Autumn 2016


Since Does It Offend You, Yeah? unexpectedly rose from an indefinite hiatus last year, they’ve peeled back the veneer of being signed to a label and… it was less than glamorous shall we say. Nevertheless, new music started to emerge and downsizing back to the key duo of the group, they returned to making tunes at vocalist James Rushent’s house, once again an unsigned band. But anyone familiar with their pop culture-steeped, genre-blurring ambush of indie and electronica knows that a riot is inbound and any riot instigated by this band is an adrenaline surge unlike few ever produced or still surviving. Will it offend you? Only if you hate fun.


Trap Them – Crown Feral – Out: 23rd September


Billed as one of the most venomous, devastating and savage bands in the game right now, Trap Them’s particular brand of blackened hardcore has become internationally notorious for leaving a mountain of bodies in their path wherever they step foot. As they prepare to unleash album number five in their anthology of annihilation, venues across the world are drawing up their rules of engagement for their incoming tour, from which the body count grows year upon year from their absolutely staggering onslaught of strength and speed. Crown Feral marks the newest chapter in what has become one of the most talked about bands on the planet for pushing the limits of guitar-centred music, and we can imagine that the levels of violence and vehemence will continue to escalate in response.

Trap Them

Black Futures – Debut Album TBA – Expected: Autumn 2016


Last year Black Futures unleashed Love, an apocalyptic big-beat stomper that could physically fracture dancefloors and that Liam Howlett would certainly give the nod to. Since then, radio silence. Too much radio silence. They’ve been hard at work finishing their first album under the Black Futures moniker (an album even longer in the making if you’re associated with the band’s history) and the wait could soon be over. Think snarling electronics, thunderous percussion aplenty and heavily distorted guitar and that only scratches the surface of Black Futures’ arsenal. If dystopia is anything like Black Futures imagine it to be, then its soundtrack will be tremendous… and terrifying.


BEAR – New Album TBA – Expected: Autumn 2016


These four Belgian gentlemen have been relatively quiet since their much lauded debut on Basick Records, Noumenon, but the silence appears to all been put towards making a stellar follow-up to that rip-roaring behemoth of an album. Their focus on crafting the most volatile mix of metal and hardcore into a white-knuckle ride, has gained them a fearsome live reputation across Europe and one that certainly delights as it does incite anarchy. Much like an enraged bear itself, their music is not to be tested as you’d find yourself mauled quicker than you could turn your back and that sheer intensity translates into some of the best metal around right now.


Mexican Chili Funeral Party – New Album TBA – Expected: Autumn 2016


Although you can bet on these guys having the best band name of all featured here, their musical potency is as powerful as their namesake suggests. Like the spiciest chilli con carne on the planet, this incredibly talented Italian quartet blend elements of sludge and doom into a hard rock attack that could set the very ground they walk upon ablaze. Their self-titled debut showcased a band with a lot of depth and flavour in their instrumentation and showed that they are far more than a run-of-the-mill stoner band. Though the advent of album number two appears to be bringing a visual style change, you can bet on their already smoking hot music being amped up further as a result.


Petrol Bastard – New Album TBA – Expected: Autumn 2016


The nation’s favourite sweaty techno gabber punks after piecing together three albums, an EP, various remixes and a greatest hits compilation, are about ready to ram more energetic, expletive-filled funfair attractions straight into your earholes on album number four. As crude, vulgar and perverse as Petrol Bastard come across, the self-proclaimed Tesco Value Prodigy may write abrasive noise pollution to some, but their willingness to mock themselves and the world as it stands has made their act all the more hilarious and endearing. Then the songs start to get under your skin, and then you can’t help but start dancing. No doubt the advent of this album will bring out the Buckfast and we’ll start partying like it’s 2006.


Bullet Height – Debut Album TBA – Out: Winter 2016


Though a far more in-depth expose has been recently published on this site about this electrifying duo from Berlin (which can be found here) after two incredible singles, we’ve learnt recently that Bullet Height plan to release their full musical force into the world by the year’s close. They’ve teased slithers of new music in a mini-documentary accompanying newest single Hold Together, which weaves drum and bass tempos and post-rock into their already formidable electronic rock powerhouse and suggest that there is far greater depth behind the vision of both of these unbelievably talented artists. Words cannot describe the anticipation now surrounding this album.


Killatrix – KLTRX – Out: 19th August


Imagine if Paramore’s Hayley Williams had taken the reins of Pendulum, and that stands somewhere close to the firepower of Killatrix’s electronic rock arsenal. Between thumping beats, fiery riffs, infectious electronic hooks and a soulful siren’s call, this Essex-based troupe march towards their first full-length release following a slew of superb singles and hi-octane live performances. Merging several different electronic styles and tempos spanning drum and bass, synth pop and EDM, there’s always a element of unpredictability to what Killatrix may deliver and that fact alone makes them one of the UK’s most exciting crossover prospects around. Whatever the future may hold, these young guns have the passion and talent to do it with flair.


Destrage – New Album TBA – Expected: Late 2016


You may not know this, but Destrage currently sit in the position of being the most important metal band in the world right now. And probably the most deranged. Sitting on a scale that would compare them with System Of A Down, SiKth and Maximum The Hormone, they take their combined loose screws, and decorate their tech-metal and metalcore ballistics with them in a blaze of virtuoso musicianship and unstoppable molten fury. Bluntly, no other band provides the thrills-a-minute and dose of caffeine excitement that Destrage do and the waiting hordes are beginning to get restless for what fireworks album number four will set off in your living room. Truly in a league of their own, this Italian five-piece are the heroes that metal deserves.


The Sade – The Sade III (TBC) – Expected: Late 2016


Another of Italy’s finest hard rock exports, not to be confused with the multi-million-selling solo artist, The Sade have quickly risen to the top of the nation’s tremendous live scene and all with their pedal to the metal, blues-tinged highway anthems. As much as the trio wear the ‘damned rock’ label proudly, ultimately everything they produce has an aura of feel-good surrounding it. Unerasable hooks, an epidemic of infectious choruses, smouldering guitar work and a rich baritone that could make tigers purr, there is very little in the package of The Sade that is not to love. Currently finishing production on their third studio album, let us hope that the wider world soon succumbs to their irresistible charms.


Atomis – The New Mind Control (TBC) – Expected: Late 2016


After numerous complications and a gestation period spanning over five years, it seems that 2016 may be the year that Atomis FINALLY releases their debut album. Their atmospheric progressive metal attack has already captured the imaginations of a devout set of followers from their only single and a handful of live dates in their native Canada, but work seems to have been completed on the album and a window on its release constantly seems any moment away. But what we know of Atomis, is that their universe is shrouded in darkness and their art is trying to expand our minds, so when we have that soundtrack to accompany their message, both sound and vision will create an experience unlike few others.


Maeth – New Album TBA – Expected: Late 2016


Since day one, Maeth have laughed at the notion of genre constraints and have become of the premier transcendental forces in underground metal. While progressive and metal-based at their core, the pigeonhole becomes a black hole at the sheer size and influences of their sound, about time the flute comes in, but that puts Maeth as their own ultimately unique entity and as a band you must bear witness to. Work steadily began on their third album last year and has since been completed, but the band are saying no more for now. Let’s be clear, whatever goliath of an album Maeth have under wraps, it’ll be documented as another landmark release by one of metal’s most underrated bands today.


Dye The Flux – New EP – Expected: Late 2016

Dye The Flux

After a turbulent year and a half in the wilderness and after complications that would’ve separated the vast majority of bands, Guildford’s Dye The Flux finally returned to reestablish their foothold as simply one of the most energetic and hard-working quartets in Surrey’s expansive live scene. Perfecting a sound balanced between alternative rock and post-hardcore, they boast the intensity, raw, passionate delivery, incredible musical talent and energising songwriting ability with a wry smile, to catapult them into the heart of the UK’s best up-and-coming bands. Literally stepping foot in the studio as you read this, Dye The Flux deserve your attention, as hardships aside, they are musicians of a spectacular quality and their music speaks loud enough for it.


Blue Footed Boobies – Blue Footed Boobies – Out: 6th August


For some bands, the sixties never ended, and that’s no characteristic to be scoffed at as the decade bought us some of the most beloved music of our times. Blue Footed Boobies recognise that, as their warming bluesy psychedelia feels both familiar but reinvigorating and right at home where timelessness has become a trend. Blessed with an alluring lo-fi sensibility, settling grooves, a penchant for some gorgeous shredding and a voice that can put you in a trance, this North Carolina two-piece could’ve been on the Woodstock main stage and we’d be none the wiser, such is their brilliance and clear love of their craft. Though their album release has suffered a setback, the Summer of Love truly lives on within their music, and it’ll be evident once the album has emerged.


Manumit – New Album TBA – Expected: Late 2016


Manumit started their life as a masked electro-rock crossover outfit which drew comparisons to Pendulum and Modestep. While the groundwork for their catchy, cleanly produced electronics, ear for penning great riffs and relentless pumping beats was remarkably solid on their debut Digital & Hostile, this Bridgend bunch have opted to alte their course. Promising an evolution of the band’s sound, which involved the symbolic ditching of their masks and theatrics, a more rock-orientated direction has been discussed often and with Bullet For My Valentine’s Michael Paget at the production helm, Manumit’s sound is certainly going to be larger than it ever has and with any luck, so will their profile as a high-calibre live act.


Anacondas – New Album TBA – Expected: Late 2016


This Brighton-based trio blast a sludge-addled noise assault so impressive, it got them signed to the esteemed Prosthetic Records. Their debut Sub Contra Blues was absolutely stuffed with undeniably heavy guitar, but counterbalanced by some surprisingly uplifting growls and clean vocals, of which the contrast sold their appeal even more. Though Sub Contra Blues was originally independently released three years ago, recording sessions for the follow-up began since then and are soon to come into fruition by the year’s close. Anacondas’ activity has certainly been quiet, playing few lives dates between then and now, but if we know anything about the mighty snakes themselves, their vice is inescapable and any new music will once again sink its fangs in and squeeze the life out of you.


Meshuggah – The Violent Sleep Of Reason – Out: 7th October


And finally, but no means least, a band that needs very little introduction. Sweden’s premier purveyors of the extreme are known to create brutality through simplicity and methodical, meticulous metal so inspiring it formed its own rapidly expanding scene. Within weeks of announcing a new studio album, their eighth in tow, a carefully plotted map of world domination followed, undoubtedly focused on cementing their storied legacy as one of metal’s most unmissable live bands. As with all Meshuggah releases, details are scarce for now but the next enigma will soon unravel and we’ll stand perplexed and astounded on how they’ve rewritten the metal rule book once again.

Pre-order here: http://www.nuclearblaststore.co.uk/shop/nuclearblast/products.php?cat=4839


… aaaaaaand that’s all folks.

There are still plenty of other releases to come in 2016, that’s for sure, but this is merely a bumper crop of some of the best that definitely deserve a look in. This is just my opinion of course, however if you enjoyed any or all of this list, then please feel free to show your appreciations, or not, your call, by leaving a like, a follow or by subscribing to the site down below, so you never miss an article:


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