The Clamps – Serenissima

(Track of last week, to avoid confusion)

The Clamps are without doubt in the upper echelon of up-and-coming producers of the electronic dance game right now. Whilst their efforts span from electro house, techno and dubstep, their ventures into the constantly evolving drum ‘n’ bass scene are what I spend most of my time engrossed in. Released from their own production unit Kosen Productions, Serenissima builds up as a film score, an orchestral ensemble leading the charge into a battle fought between Earth and its intergalactic invaders. War drums absolutely thunder across the soundscape, even before the main beat is brought in, giving a true sense of how epic a scale this track wants to be. It succeeds beautifully. The tension rises rapidly with the orchestra and with it the bass, which sounds somewhat like an interdimensional chainsaw shredding through the very fabric of time and space, breaks its chains into a slightly syncopated flurry of punches you’d call drums. One brutally heavy drop later, the fight for the planet starts once more and you have a half-time mauling to await you in the mean time. Once upon a time, I dreamt of making drum ‘n’ bass for a film score, and this is currently the closest definition I have encountered to true cinematic drum ‘n’ bass. Spectacular.

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