Kowloon Walled City

When you name a band, you make it count. In the essence of Kowloon Walled City, they did just that. Crushingly heavy, dense metal surrounds and bombards your senses, but with an inner emotion and melancholy, not too similar from the abandonment of the actual place in Hong Kong. Whilst the city was demolished, and most of your speakers and headphones will be in the sheer musical devastation on display, the legacy of its unadulterated filth and sludge remains in living memory, and in this music. Who says that music can’t give you history lessons? Annandale from Gambling On The Richter Scale is just one such insight into a dark corner of humanity, and it’s staggeringly brilliant.

*side note: I do not endorse what the Triads did there, but what I do endorse is these guys’ Bandcamp as they’re giving away digital copies of their albums for free. Go get.

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