Placebo – A Million Little Pieces

Placebo can do very little wrong, and although I’m making a judgment on only a minute and a half clip, I’m already going to proclaim this as another classic hit waiting to happen. Haunting piano, unmistakably vulnerable lyrics, minimal but atmospheric guitar, it’s so well put together, words can’t describe.  Shades of Song To Say Goodbye echo throughout, it sounds almost like its spiritual sequel but that is by no means a hinderance. Heartfelt, memorable, addictive, this is the Placebo that fans know and love and if you’re not a fan, this is truly awesome emotional songwriting that you should give a chance. I demand that naysayers eat their words, some of the album previews have strayed from what they do best but there is no way you can deny the astonishing beauty of A Million Little Pieces. I’m infatuated. End of.


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