Rishloo – Scissorlips

(For two weeks ago)

I was feeling quite down two weeks ago, so I kinda wanted a powerful pick-me-up that I could bellow at an incredible volume, and this fit the bill perfectly. I have posted about this band before and how much of a massive shame it is that they are no longer together because they make such incredible, compelling music. If as many singers in modern rock and metal music injected as much passion and emotion into the mantras they perform, the quality would skyrocket. This is intense, dramatic and deeply personal progressive rock at its absolute finest.  The guitar work has been master crafted to reflect each mood and revelation in the lyrics, which seemed to have almost abandoned all hope until the very bitter end. Which In its irony, is how the band seemed to have concluded. I cannot stress enough the sheer talent these guys have and it is outright criminal that they never received the recognition they deserved for their gifts to modern music. Simply phenomenal.

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