Konichi – What Can We Do

(For last week)

I haven’t been listening to a lot of newish music lately, although I have been contemplating recording a completely neurofunk-based mix recently and have stuck this track on a fair amount recently. I don’t know whether I will ever use this in a mix but I really enjoy this for some bizarre reason. Konichi, based in the hills of Gloucestershire, makes a more traditional form of drum ‘n’ bass known as jump up and this pushes the boundaries at what jump up is known for. It has practically no build-up except from the drop, hence the term ‘jump up’ but I like the almost angry frog warbling bassline about this track. The sheer viciousness will make any head bob and face suck itself inwards at the power it has, even if it won’t make you skank like no tomorrow. It is certainly an acquired taste, but no doubt fun to listen to.

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