Devil May Care

It must take some tremendous display of strength to form a band over 15 years ago, and yet still maintain the drive to create music after reanimating a project that long ago. But Greece’s Devil May Care have done just that, blending an enthralling pot-pourri of progressive metal with a kick of stoner and sludge, even some post-rock flavours at times. Sial, the first track from their Hallowed EP is a glorious warzone, bathed in an inferno, narrated by crunching hard guitars, a methodical drum attack, some luscious harmonies to illustrate an air of tragedy and atmospherics to heighten that emotion, all encompassed in a rollercoaster of riffs. Their musicianship states a great case for audio-visual storytelling, and that it doesn’t necessarily need to be indulgent, with some, but not all of their recorded output only just poking the five minute mark. The best part is, they openly admit they make music for the enjoyment of it, a sentiment some people should take note of. Their bite-size bursts of encapsulating metal are a joy to digest, and if it takes 15 years to formulate these masterstrokes, the mind boggles at what’s next in store.

The Hallowed EP and Meridian EP are available on the band’s Bandcamp page for a small fee. That’s the Greek band, not the German one, just be sure. I have no idea if the German band are any good.