The Secret Tsunami Club – The Soundshark Selects – Best Of 2021


The Secret Tsunami Club - 30-12-21

‘Music can’t make waves, if you don’t know it exists’ – The Soundshark.

The 30/12/21 edition, from a realm in time and space that has intercepted two hours of the best in under the radar, underground, and unsigned music from 2021.

This is the Secret Tsunami Club.


Palomino Blond – Dead Hand
Neu Sierra – For The Last Time
Star Crusher – El Fin
ghost tones – Stunted
Flying Raccoon Suit – Driftwood
Ready the Prince – Lightning
Dentist – Don’t Let Me Catch You
Putrid Shark – Everything You Ever Loved
Kyoto Kyoto – Gaacher Blitz
Lantlos – Lake Fantasy
Bound – The Divide
Dukkha – Giant Storm
The Finches – I Gave Up
Catherine Moan – Skin Graft
Big Blind – Land Crushed
Drip Fed Empire – Disinformation
Phrenia – Unholy Savior
Paledusk – Wind Back
True Body – No Day
Ghoul Talk – Materialize
Order of the Static Temple – Ridin’ In Sin
Noisecide – Killer Instinct
YOUTH CODE x King Yosef – Burner
Rheia Gorecki – Coda
Jack Hinks – The Emperor

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Want all the music, but with no interruptions?

Here’s a playlist of this show’s music:

[Playlist coming soon!]

Independently curated, recorded, produced, and edited by The Soundshark.

All episodes so far can be found here.

The Secret Tsunami Club thumbnail lovingly produced by Julia Klein.

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