The Secret Tsunami Club – 19/08/21

The Secret Tsunami Club - 19-08-21

‘Music can’t make waves, if you don’t know it exists’ – The Soundshark.

The 19/08/21 edition, from a realm in time and space that has intercepted two hours of the best in under the radar, underground, and unsigned music.

This is the Secret Tsunami Club.


The Zoology – On My Way Down
Daggerplay – Tailspin
Lea Thomas – Mirrors To The Sun
Zoot Chasm – Just Don’t Think About It
Norman Toronto – What Is The Charge?
Lake Fauna – Dead Sea
Heavy Meds – L’Appel
MAYSON’s PARTY – Don’t Bring Me Down
Rêve – Fallen
Silverhex – Bye Bye Baby
Blight Town – Don’t Touch Me I’m Covered In Poisons
How To Care For Flowers – Second-Rate Solutions To First-World Problems
Suicide For A King – Timelapse
No Savior – Is This How Death Found Me?
Bastarđur – Viral Tumor
Lutharo – Lost In A Soul
Trna – Istok
Between the Wolves – Crossfire
Deconbrio – Every Misstep
Karoshi – Not My Style
Akli – Vieną
My Favourite Band – Peripherique
Meinmountains – Give Me The Ocean
Unshrunk Patch – Parable Of The Sower
Jack Hinks – The Emperor

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Want all the music, but with no interruptions?

Here’s a playlist of this show’s music:

[Playlist coming soon!]

Independently curated, recorded, produced, and edited by The Soundshark.

All episodes so far can be found here.

The Secret Tsunami Club thumbnail lovingly produced by Julia Klein.

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