The Secret Tsunami Club – S1E07

‘Music can’t make waves, if you don’t know it exists’ – The Soundshark.

Broadcast #7, from a realm in time and space that has intercepted two hours of the best in under the radar, underground, and unsigned music.

This is the Secret Tsunami Club.


Indian Queens – Shoot For Sexy
Grave Danger – Undead End Job
Casino Kid – Mr. Rat
Ginkgo Dawn Shock – The Second Fish Curse
Exploring Birdsong – The River
Lindsay Schoolcraft – Dangerous Game
Diamond Tactics – Pink Mist
THORN. – Noctum
Huge Molasses Tank Explodes – So Much To Lose
Los Tabanos Experience – Majestic Volcano
Fault Choir – Marketplace
Plague of Carcosa – The Crawling Chaos
Helalyn Flowers – Suicidal Birds
Maud The Moth – As Above So Below
C O L D K I S S – World’s Burn
Airsh4d3 – aurora
Pete Crane – You Are Not Your Body
THEY.I – Vegas Mode
Immortal Girlfriend – Ride
Blanku – Miracle (feat. NVRLUV)
FFF – No Ice Cream
3VS – Red Sun Drive
The Oscilloscope – Shaded Diagram
Boogie Belgique – Cessna (ft. Ian Burgina)
Okami (O) – Ikara

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Want all the music, but with no interruptions?

Here’s a playlist of this show’s music:

Independently curated, recorded, produced, and edited by The Soundshark.

All episodes so far can be found here.

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