Moxy And The Influence

Kinda without wanting to get tangled up in the vast web and warzone that gender politics and feminism have evolved into, when it comes to rock music, women seem to have had it tougher because the industry put a lot of emphasis on marketing sexuality over talent. In smaller pockets of the industry, that can still be a problem, you’d probably need a few hands to count the amount of bands in which this happens to. But the ambitions of those determined, undeniably talented women, wanting to make a living doing what they love, keep tearing at the fence of adversity and the flow of females, not just as vocalists, but kickass guitarists, bassists and drummers is becoming more of a mainstay in up-and-coming bands. In and amongst those jostling for greater widespread attention and rightly so is the youthful spirit of California’s Moxy And The Influence. Sitting somewhere between the shoulder blades of Paramore and Halestorm, but raised on a healthy diet of glam and some of the greatest rock bands to ever pick up an instrument, the three ladies and one gentleman that make up the band have already received glittering acclaim and plaudits from local media outlets on their unforgettable melodic hard rock battle cries. Despite only being a band for two years and having an average age of 18, what staggers me most is how seasoned and polished they already sound for a band that could still be considered in its infancy. Since their inception, there’s been a steady trickle of singles and material, all packed with the charisma, fire and passion that makes rock ‘n’ roll function and personally, none fulfil that more for me than the punk-fuelled statement of empowerment that is Alive. Though lyrics lead me to believe that this deals with not being comfortable in a relationship, it feels more like acknowledging yourself and that you as an individual has purpose in this world, which despite sorrow breeding poetry, the optimism and positivity is incredibly refreshing to hear. There’s an attitude and sass to vocalist Moxy Anne that becomes far more emphatic against the well-oiled engine of the fast but weighted buzzsaw chords, bass that vibrates deep through your bones and drums that dictate the form of attack. Yet while the chorus is a strong mantra for believing in yourself, there’s an unexpected feistiness in the near-screams of a later bridge and a damn impressive, smoking hot guitar solo that follows it. Moxy And The Influence are similar in nature to that of wildcats: in no way to be underestimated and certifiably no hope of being tamed. A band of superbly talented musicians, very well versed in rock ‘n’ roll with the earworm masterstroke and the potential to climb very high in the musical food chain.

Their Alive EP can be bought from their website in a physical capacity, or from most respectable music retailers if you want the immediacy of digital. They have plenty of other merch available too if you wanna look at all the other things you could be buying.

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