There aren’t that many bands in the world that are named from a line in a Jim Carrey film (Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls if you didn’t know), and for that matter, there probably never will be. Not that Carrey isn’t great at writing memorable words and phrases, but you give him the task of making a band name out of his entire filmography, you can bet this wasn’t his first choice. Medway, UK based cacophonists Whitedevilwhitedevil nonetheless channel the same breed of likable insanity into brutal downtuned sludge fight anthems, downed in enough sound to burst river banks. Whilst their recorded material is scattered across the shallows of Bandcamp, every song brings urgency and brute force into a two pronged guitar attack, and drums while grainy and amplified far louder than they should, smash and clatter well with them. Sometimes, a slight edge of pedal experimentalism leaks into their work, but do seem to be blue-moon natured occurrences. Fight Milk, a shorter tune in their arsenal from the A New Low EP, lays down a power house performance of crushing guitar blasts whilst drums go hell for leather, orchestrating the sheer chaos that unfolds. Oh, don’t forget those shouts. Instigating violence at its finest. These three gentlemen have a lot to look forward to in the future.

As already divulged, Whitedevilwhitedevil have all their recorded output on Bandcamp, just not all in one location, but EPs, demos and even a collection of Christmas covers are all available for a small fee. A New Low can be found here.


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