It occurred to me recently that I haven’t actually raved and ranted about these guys on my blog yet, despite endorsing them through sneak inclusions on playlists, soon-to-be DJ sets, through social networking, and even going as so far to ask the band directly to upload their entire first album to YouTube, which I did and they were happy to allow. If you can’t tell, I simply adore FOSSILS. Their frantic, sludge-driven bass ‘n’ drum duo combination creates such intense bursts of energy, you’ll miss them if you blink and will eviscerate any edge-of-the seat you may hope to cling onto. I describe them as a leaner, angrier Scandinavian DFA 1979, which I still think is fairly accurate, but they have come so much further since that and their newest album Flesh Hammer is possibly one of the best releases this year for no-BS, jaw-breaking, dancefloor projectiles, guaranteed to either have you leaping around your allocated floor space or wrestling everyone in plain sight.

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