Burning The Day

Remember the days when metalcore was a big thing? If it even was? Well I kinda miss those days, only because deathcore or whatever the fuck modern metal has evolved into, somewhat depresses me with its complete lack of creativity. Burning The Day are no means the saviours of metal, because they are very much metalcore by numbers, but it still seems like a breath of fresh air in a game that’s rapidly stagnating. For one, there’s actual singing in it. I actually struggle to remember the last time I heard a vaguely new-ish metal band with singing in it. F Your Cancer though from their Metamorphosis EP has that contagious chorus hook down to a tee. Sure, it chugs along, but the thrash elements incorporated hold my interest much longer than most breakdowns tend to. I realise this is unfair to rant about modern metal in a post about this band (although I probably should write one to be fair), but it helps to relay home the point. Burning The Day are somewhat an example of a shining beacon in a genre that’s becoming oversaturated with clones and clones of clones, but themselves are clones that hone their craft expertly enough to warrant your full deserved attention.

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