In a state of solely listening to one kind of music, you exhume some truly hidden producer gold mines. What could be considered an aggrotech/EBM phase, unearthed Mangadrive and his videogame/anime fuelled breed of hard trance. If the beats truly don’t punch hard enough, and believe me, it’s like taking CO2 powered pistons to the chest, then the luminous, vibrant synths will claw their way into your brain forever. His later individual works become unforgettable, kaleidoscopic epics, King Of The Mechajungle being one of his best examples to date and Mechafetish is crammed full of them. All of his works are now available for pay-what-you-want, so if you consider yourself a fan of the darker side of dance music, Mangadrive is as essential to you as breathing is to keeping you alive.

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