Kurt Dirt

In recent years, there appears to have been a revival in the punk aesthetic of making music. In this instance, it’s the lower than low fidelity production of a very colourful group of individuals that form what can only be described as the underground UK crossover-punk scene. But even that doesn’t really cover it, as each new group or artist can distinguish themselves from one another. It’s loud and silly, but hilarious and brilliant at the same time. Take Kurt Dirt, a transvestite synth-punk, who resides in the sewers of Manchester and self-proclaimed Duke of Puke. Take seriously at will. But the music being made however, is retro-sounding industrial, just the kind of the trapped-in-the-90’s kind Nine Inch Nails made before Trent didn’t want to make people dance any more. Stuff you should take seriously, because it’s wonderful to hear a period sound resurrected and emulated so well. Beat Me Up Buttercup is a clear tale of S&M, but fleshed out with what sounds like a cop show theme tune, written in a metalworks filled with the cast of Priscilla, Queen of The Desert. The Rat Burger EP is filled with more of the same, but this song is free by visiting Kurt Dirt’ Bandcamp page.

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