Rockwell – Detroit

In the world of drum ‘n’ bass, more often than not, I am late to the party of the best of the best. Rockwell’s Detroit was lauded by many enthusiasts as one of the best tunes released last year, and for reasons I now understand six months later, I can see why. The tune is incomprehensibly addictive, bouncing along instead of jetting or speeding, with a synth line that bubbles or speaks in an alien language through out as possibly one of the most unique tunes I’ve ever heard. How something can be described as dirty but minimalistic is beyond me, but this seems to have been constructed for clubs clearly in mind, anthemic but without so many of the words to make it so. Many things wobble and bounce, much like something I would assume this track heavily implies and Detroit has it in spades here, pounding the dancefloor into submission as opposed to tearing it to shreds.

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