Ulterior – The Locus Of Control

Ulterior have had the pleasure of being one of the very first bands I posted about on this blog, due to their Wild In Wildlife album being a slice of post 80’s goth/industrial influenced brilliance. However, I did feel that the members do have an air of arrogance about them or they are something much bigger than they currently are. That changed upon recently listening to their 2013 release The Bleach Room, which was being funded by fans for the best part of a year. The final song of the album The Locus Of Control gives me reason to believe that that air of arrogance could be justified. It is incredible. Cold, analogue synths, icy atmospheres, Sisters of Mercy-style gang vocals, mostly monotone lyrics, both nostalgic and creepy, guitars that switch between chills and vitriol… The combination for me has created one of my favourite tracks released this year, it is a dystopic reimagining of a classic period of music that get better with every single listen. The 80’s have never sounded so sinister and Ulterior have every reason to flaunt their creation, The Bleach Room is an understated work of art.

One thought on “Ulterior – The Locus Of Control

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