This band is a result of what happened when I chose to listen to music based on album covers (a pregnant blue woman covered in wires if you were curious). Moscow’s Genetix or Genetix Band as they’re also known, blend the best parts of breakbeat, DnB, gabba, industrial and general EDM into the vision made famous by Alec Empire and Atari Teenage Riot. But where I feel Genetix distinguish themselves as not being an ATR rip-off, is the fact their songs sound decidedly weighed more towards being metal songs rather than dance songs. The guitars are recorded live as opposed to being sampled into the mix which makes the band image and name a lot more coherent. Although I have a link provided to a player with a few of their songs above, traces of their music are becoming harder to find by the day unfortunately. Although it is the sound that Atari Teenage Riot essentially own, it’s still great to hear another take on an interesting niche to say the least.

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