What The Blood Revealed

After seeing these guys yesterday, there wasn’t going to be much chance I didn’t mention them after they destroyed the Rattlesnake. Scottish post-metal juggernaut What The Blood Revealed have an utmost patience for building up atmosphere before sending everything crashing down into a hellish firestorm. The riffs are absolutely gorgeous, oozing with ambience and a unforgettable beauty before punishing chords force the most passive of listeners into a titanic struggle. The technicality of their musicianship cannot be understated enough, but their instrumental prowess has a more organic, terra firma production, rather than reaching for the furthest depths of space, which gives them a more unique appeal to their fellow contemporaries. Waiting For The Storm has an accuracy unlike many other song titles, whether metaphorical or literal, it stands as a sensational moment on their spectacular debut Harbour Of Devils.

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