I Am Legion – Choosing For You

I was initially hesitant about the collaboration between Noisia and Foreign Beggars despite my love for their previous work together because well… Noisia have been somewhat of a creative drought of late and Foreign Beggars’ work for me, can be kinda inconsistent. That hesitation was immediately wiped after I heard this. Make Those Move was brutal bass and not much else, but Choosing For You has a more graceful dark electro swagger (?), confined in a skittery, dancefloor bombshell. Lyrics leave a lot to be desired at times, but never this year did I think I’d find myself using the phrase ‘brain fungus.’ I’d love to know the story behind that because it’s stupidly infectious. But that just seems to be the essence of this track in a nutshell. The beat is straight-up head-nodding in the back of a car with your mates material, the bass goes as low as Satan’s basement and that drop will make anybody body-pop more than an itchy body with Tourettes. This was clearly made with the streets in mind, much down to the influence of the Beggars no doubt and again shows the uprising of trap in recent months as a dominant dance genre. I Am Legion are out to prove why they are essential in their respective art styles and if Choosing For You is the grounds to prove it, then consider them heard loud and clear.

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