The Upbeats & Trei – Thrasher

(Last week’s track of the week)

Just to get this out in the open, the new Upbeats album is amazing. I’ve had it on repeat for a fair while since it was released and despite the likes of Beyond Reality, Undertaker and Tangerine being completely mind-blowing, this is on another level of addicitive. What New Zealand’s favourite neurofunk sons have made here is a whining ambient beast that literally goes on a rampage in a heavily populated city and devastes everything in its sight. Buildings topple, citizens are crushed and everything is scorched away in a laser burst from the monster’s mouth. The true icing on the cake is the drums. Oh my goodness, the drums. In a jungle throwback kind of way, the drums sound as possibly as natural as I have ever heard in a drum ‘n’ bass song for quite sometime (which is perhaps why I would like to see a drum cover of this song), finding the perfect balance to either bust out your most aggressive skank or launch limbs in the direction of inanimate objects. Or people. Either is mostly acceptable. Primitive Technique is out now on Vision Records, and I highly reccommend you look into it.

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