Flosstradamus – Rollup (Baauer Remix)

(Track of the Week, last week)

Yeah, it’s that guy who did the Harlem Shake and I’m late to this song’s party because I only recently heard it in a Noisia set that I’ve really had chance to apreciate it properly. As an ode to the humble marijuana joint, the whole song is a myriad full of wonky percussion, air raid sirens, lighters and what sounds like a yapping dog. Did I mention the drop to this song is just someone coughing? Gives true meaning to the word coughdrop. But the song is a beast of sub-bass (should only be listened to with decent headphones or a monstrous soundsystem, your subwoofer will love you, honest),¬†impossible not to move to and ultimately just a real good fun tune to dance to. I may not understand much about what on earth trap music actually is, but if this is any indication, then I just might like it.

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