Atom & Kayus – Strangers

I may be a bit late to catching up to the wonderful sub-genre of drum ‘n’ bass known as neurofunk, but when you get around to unearthing gems such as this beauty, it makes your time already invested in it worthwhile. A collaboration from both sides of the world (Puerto Rico and Hungary I think), Strangers is a deep growling beast of sub-bass, with a flicker of keyboard squeals to keep it interesting.  But around half way through, what makes the track so addictive kicks in. Brutal bass, comparable to taking a jackhammer to the ears suddenly dominates the mix and you start to feel like you have to dance because your life depends on it. A great listen, probably more devastating on a dancefloor, this is definitely a weapon to bear in mind for a DnB set.

Due to the full track not being on YouTube, and Soundcloud being tempermental to deal with on WordPress, I’ll just have to use this link to the full track:

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