A selection of neurofunk

Just a couple of neurofunk (or dark drum ‘n’ bass) artists I’ve been listening to a fair amount recently that I wanted to share.

Joe Ford – City 17

I love Joe Ford a lot, his earlier stuff has a lot more funk to it, but his latest works are brutal and absolutely jaw-dropping at that. City 17, the double AA side to his latest release on Bad Taste is an interdimensional demon that rips through the fabric of time and space. Astonsihing sound design.

Billain – Boogie

While not strictly underground in the traditional sense, Billain is still outside the straight forward neuro-clique but really shouldn’t be. Boogie is a little different from his usual works which involve polymorphic basslines which seem to absorb numerous different noise sources to create unique sounds. Anyway, neurofunk disco!

Hykario – Krash Dogm

Man, I fucking love Hykario. There isn’t almost anything he has made that I don’t like. Krash Dogm, soon to be released, has got some serious funk and it kicks like a footballer on speed. Crammed with atmosphere and bass as deep as the Grand Canyon, this is a complete package for a neurofunk classic.

James Marvel – Kaboom!

James Marvel does things his way. Actively manipulating neurofunk conventions as he see fits, he has made some truly unique sounding drum ‘n’ bass, if at a fairly irregular work schedule. Kaboom! first tricks you into a half-time electro slumber before jetting off into the sunset at supersonic speed, twisting and warping the sonic landscape as it does so.

Paperclip – Obscurantism Aura

Much like Hykario, Paperclip just makes a lot of tunes I really like. Obscurantism Aura is just one of many, but it has a sense of emotion to it, as well as an ethereal atmosphere and deep visceral grooves that could cause earthquakes. You also get a sense of the Russian influence coming through at times in this track with tints of Eastern European folk in the breakdowns, which is a lovely touch too.

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