The Foreign Resort

Denmark’s The Foreign Resort have a sound buried so deep in the 80’s but for my money, it’d trounce most of the indie factory of mass production of today. Dark, moody, atmospheric: check. Drums to fill a dancefloor: check. Stadium size guitars and vocals: Oh God yes. Judge first track Colleen from their 2011 self-titled EP for yourself. Half (?) of their first album is available for free on Bandcamp, and new album Scattered and Buried is out now.

The Sade

There isn’t quite a band like Italy’s The Sade that defines trashy roadhouse good time rock ‘n’ roll, that sweats it by the gallon load. Demon’s Heart is a nitro-charged dragster, coming straight for your jugular, knocking over as many drinks, barstools and patrons in its path as it reaches you. 2011 debut album Damned Love is also one of the best albums I’ve heard this year so far, it comes highly recommended (I believe most of it is on YouTube).

Helalyn Flowers

Start off nice and gentle, Italian electro-rock duo Helalyn Flowers are part of Alfa Matrix, one of the world’s premier underground electronic music stables and deservedly so. Taken from their second album Stitches of Eden, the addictive, dramatic and mesmerising Never Enough continues to be a regular repeater on The Soundshark’s metaphorical mental jukebox.