Stemming from the late 90s influx of industrial is the American power couple of Kidneythieves. Although Comets + Violins is from 2007’s decidedly more streamlined Trypt0fanatic, the trademark of unmistakable female vocals upon turbalent guitars and striking synths that ploughs through the generic tide with ease, remains as strong as when they began. An excellent balance of grace and destruction.

Pure Reason Revolution

How sad I am this band is no longer around has to be seen to be believed. But Westminister’s Pure Reason Revolution crafted a combination of spacey prog rock with some folk influences and electronic bursts, all punctuated by beautiful vocal harmonies. The sound was nearly truly their own, and Black Mourning from their final album Hammer And Anvil, showcases the best of what PRR was all about: memorable choruses, epidemically catchy synths, killer vocals and stellar guitar work.